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Frequently Asked Questions

The seller hasn't delivered my order yet

You need to wait for at least 24 hours for the seller to deliver your order. If it hasn’t been delivered even after that, you can contact the seller to request refund for your order.

Seller not replying to support ticket

If the seller doesn’t reply to your ticket within 24 hours, then you can open a ticket with us by clicking on the below button.

Did not received refund in my bank

First, you need to ensure that your order was refunded. Second, a refund for any order is issued in WhyBuySell E-Wallet as mentioned in our refund policy. This can only be used to purchase items from WhyBuySell.

Money deducted but order status is pending/cancelled/failed

Verify that your looking at the right order’s status. If yes, then you can contact us with the proof of the payment along with your order id.

Product/Item stopped working

In case, your product stops working, you can ask for a replacement or a refund from the seller. Before that you need to check if your order is still in warranty. If yes, then the seller is bound to replace or refund your order as mentioned in the warranty policy.

Seller not providing replacement/refund

If the seller does provides replacement/refund for your order, you can open a support ticket with us, but before that ensure that your product is in warranty, if not then we will not be able to help you.

Unable to pay

Currently, we only support Cryptocurrency as a payment method for non-Indian users, however, if the seller has enabled their personal PayPal, then you will be able to do so using that too. If you’re Indian users and are unable to pay, kindly raise a ticket from the below button.

Some technical error

If you’re facing some technical error ensure that you have a good internet. If it still persists, you can contact us by raising a ticket with screenshots.

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