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Register as a Vendor (Coming Soon)

This guide will soon be available. Stay tuned!

Add your first product

Product Manage
Product Manage
Product Manage

We will add a simple product in this tutorial, which will be the first product on your store. (It can be deleted later on) We recommend using a Laptop or PC for this tutorial.

Open “New Product” tab

  1. Open the Seller Dashboard
  • For PC : Through the ‘Dashboard’ button on top-right corner of the home page.
  • For Mobile : Second Last Option in Menu.

  2. Open Products Tab and Click on ‘Add New’

Product Manage
Product Manage

Enter sample product data

Choose product type and title

  • Choose product type as Simple Product (default)

  • Enter product title like ‘My First Product’.

Setting Price and Sale Price

  • Set the price (in INR only) of your product to ₹1250 or any of your choice. This is the actual price that will be visible on your product. (It is mandatory)
  • Now, set the sale price to ₹800 or any of your choice (must be less than the normal price). This is not the actual price of the product, but it is the price that you’re offering to your customers in a sale. (Optional) 
  • You can also Schedule the sale (adding sale price) from ‘x’ date to ‘y’ using the Schedule button under the Sale Price field. We will not do it in this tutorial. (Optional. Only applicable if the sale price is set)

Set product Descriptions

  • Add a short description of your product, describing your product in brief (short)  i.e. what extra features you’re offering. (Optional, but Recommended)
  • Then, you need to add the full details of the product (i.e. features and benefits) in the ‘Description’ box. This will be visible in a separate column on the product page (Description) along with other details like Store Details, etc.


Product Manage
Product Manage

Adding product Image(s)

  • Your image should be attractive & simple, and not very heavy. (It is recommended to use 1:1or square sized Image for better appearance of the product)
  • To Add the Image, Click on the Empty Image Area. A gallery view of all images uploaded (by you) Will Appear. If you want to set a previously uploaded image on your product then you can select that from the “Media Library” in the gallery view. But, we will upload a new image for this tutorial (considering this is your first product).
  • Click on ‘Upload Files’ on the top-left corner and Upload your Image by selecting it or drag-and-drop.
  • Finally, you can click on the “Select” button in the bottom-right corner to select that image for your product.

  Image Types:

  • Featured Image: This is the main image of the product that is most visible. Only 1 Image can be selected as ‘Featured’ per product. (Mandatory)
  • Gallery Image(s): This is/these are additional image(s) used to show the inside view of the product the customer will be getting. Please, avoid adding unnecessary images as it will only make your product page heavy to load for slow internet connections. (Optional, Recommended only 1 or 2)


Manage product Stock 

This is step is only necessary if you’re selling a quantity-related product, which can go out of stock.

  • Slide down to the ‘Inventory’ tab.
  • Check the “Manage Stock” checkbox and fill in the quantity of the stock you have of the product. 
  • You will see the “Allow Backorders” option below that (it is not needed for this tutorial), but if you enable it, your customers will be able to order your product even if it’s out of stock. The customer and Seller (you) will both receive the email regarding the same. (It is not recommended. Enable it only, if you’re absolutely sure that your product will always come back in stock soon)
  • Below that will be “Sold Individually”, enabling it will allow your customer to only purchase one item in one order. The feature is helpful when you are selling items like a Plugin with Unlimited Sites, etc. (To avoid users making multiple purchases, by mistake) or it can be used when you are giving a free trial to your customers and want to allow that item once per-customer. Note: Users can still purchase multiple times in multiple Orders.

Product Policies 

Generally, there are 3 types of policies – Shipping, Refund, Cancellation/Exchange Policy. We will not discuss these in this tutorial



Other terms

  • Tags: Tag is a label attached to the product for the purpose of identification. Products get better identified by Web Browsers with tags. Tags help to increase the reach of Products. Eg. for a Shopping Mobile App Source Code Product, you may use tags like: ‘source code, mobile app, shopping app’

Rest options will be discussed in the next tutorials of adding different types of products. You can check them here.

Now, Submit the product to publish.

Bam! Your Product is live

Congrats, you have successfully created your first product. You can check it out by clicking on the “View” button next to “Draft” in the bottom-right corner of the page.

Note: Please check Part 4 before publishing your first product.


Charges and Pricing

Subscription Plans

You are required to choose a monthly subscription plan for your store while registering as mentioned in Part 1. You are granted the number of products that you can post up to in 1 month, along with other features. (For more details, check Pricing). For starter, you can choose the free Basic Plan, if you want to explore around and become familiar with the system. 

You can always remain on the Free Basic Plan (only up to 3 products per month) as long as you wish. For more pricing concerns feel free to open a ticket with us.

Standard Commission Charges 

These rates are applicable to all orders irrespective of your subscription (Exceptions are given below). Our commission on orders for product ranging:

  • Between ₹0 – ₹1000: 5% on total order price
  • From ₹1000: 2.5% on total order price


  1. In case the payment by the customer is made through PayPal, then the full amount including tax (payment processing charges) is received by you. (PayPal must be enabled in your account. Learn how to add PayPal)
  2. No Commission is charged if you are using the Free Basic Plan.

Rules and Store Levels

Important Note: Hello Seller, you only need to go ahead if you wish to sell/share your product in WhyBuySell’s Official Telegram Group. If you wish to sell your products to your own audience only then there are no restrictions for you, you’re free to skip this part. (However, you do need to abide by the Standard seller terms & conditions.)


In this ‘wbs group’ will mean WhyBuySell’s Official Telegram Group for Customers and Sellers. We don’t have many complicated rules, just some basic guidelines to maintain the decorum. Strict action will be taken if any of these are broken (In most cases, you’re forbidden from selling is customer group. You will still be able to sell elsewhere. In some special cases your account might be revoked)

  1. You must be a registered seller on WhyBuySell.
  2. You can only share your WBS product links in the group (eg. No External Links are allowed.
  3. You cannot sell directly to customers in wbs group under any condition (No exceptions. You’re account will be banned)
  4. If the customer forces you to sell to him directly through any means (telegram, WhatsApp, etc.) you need to report him to us
  5. You can help your customer with his order indirectly to provide better support. But, no transactions should take place.
  6. Don’t share unnecessary information or personal details.
  7. And lastly, the obvious one, don’t scam.

Note: We do not promote any stores on our website and aren’t responsible for what is being sold. We just provide a platform for people to sell and buy safely. The same is applied to the telegram group. You sell your products on your own account.

Store Levels

There are 3 levels of stores on WBS i.e. New > Familiar > Verified. Each level has it’s own representation (by store badge). These are irrespective of your subscription plans.

New Store

Identification: No badge

Eligibility: When you register as a seller on WhyBuySell, your store is marked as ‘New Store’. 

Limitation: You can only sell products with a warranty of 3 days. Exception: You’re allowed to sell bin-made accounts up to a warranty of 30 days.

Familiar Store

Identification: New Store Badge

Eligibility: You need a minimum of 15 orders from 15 different customers, to be eligible for this level. If you are, then contact us to upgrade your account.


  • You can only sell products with a warranty of 30 days i.e 1 month.
  • Single product price should not exceed ₹300
Verified Store

Identification: Verified Store Badge

Eligibility: You need 50 more orders from 50 different customers, to be eligible for this level (these orders don’t include the previous 15 orders) with minimum complaints and disputes cases against you. If you are, then contact us to upgrade your account.

Note there no limitations once your store is fully verified. You can sell whatever you want!

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