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Add PayPal for direct Payments


  • If you want to offer your product across the globe to all your customers and they can’t pay using Bitcoin, then you can easily do so by adding your customer PayPal for accepting payments from them.
  • We do not charge any commission on the payments you receive via your PayPal, that means whatever amount you receive is completely yours 🙂
  • If you’re a non-Indian then you can also use PayPal to withdraw your earnings made from Indian users. (We provide our Indian payment methods)


You need to have the following things before going ahead with the setup.

  1. An approved seller account. You can learn to create one here.
  2. PayPal business account without any limitations. You need to ensure that your PayPal account isn’t on hold or limited by PayPal, otherwise, you might not be able to receive payments, and if you do, then you might not be able to withdraw it. (If you don’t know how to create one, you can look for a tutorial for the same on youtube)
  3. If you already have your API credentials from PayPal, then you can jump to Part 3 of this tutorial.

Note: We will not be responsible for any issues within your PayPal account. You will integrate this at your own risk. (Customer might put a chargeback, which can badly affect your account rep)

PayPal DIrect
PayPal DIrect
PayPal DIrect
PayPal DIrect

Get API Credentials from PayPal

  1. Go to PayPal.
  2. Log in to your PayPal Business Account.
  3. Under Tools (in the top header), go to ‘All Tools’ or from here (if you are already logged in)
  4. From the next screen, in the Search Box, Search ‘API’ and click on the open button on ‘API Credentials’, appeared from the search result.
  5. You will see several API types. You need to scroll down to ‘NVP/SOAP API integration (Classic)’ under “Custom Checkout Experience”. Then, Click on ‘Manage API credentials‘
  6. You will be made to do a security checkup, after completing it, PayPal will redirect you to the required page.
  7. You need to copy/save ‘API Username’, ‘API Password’ & ‘Signature’. We will use these details later in the setup.

Add API Credentials in Seller Panel

Open the “Payment” tab

  1. Open the Seller Dashboard
  • For PC: Through the ‘Dashboard’ button on the top-right corner of the home page.
  • For Mobile: Second Last Option in Menu.

  2. Open Settings Tab

  3. Click on the ‘Payment’ tab in the ‘Settings’ window and choose “Paypal” in the ‘Preferred Payment Method’ Dropdown.


PayPal DIrect
PayPal DIrect
PayPal DIrect

Add the required Details

You need to have your API Credentials ready for this step. Refer to part 3 for getting those details.

  • Add your PayPal email (on which your Paypal business account exists). It should be the same account from which we copied/saved the API details (Refer to Part 3)
  • Paste the details copied/saved in the above step under the ‘PayPal API Credentials require for PayPal direct Pay’. (Recheck the details once)
  • Boom. It is done! You can check your setup by buying a test product from your store. Don’t know how to add a test product? Learn from here.

Note: All the fields mentioned above are mandatory for PayPal to work.

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