Buyer Protection

Terms Used:

WBS – WhyBuySell

For reference:

  • a claim means a dispute to a transaction that the customer files against the seller with WhyBuySell.
  • a dispute means a case filed due to various reasons.
  • not received or NR, when used to describe your purchase, means that you did not receive your purchase.

1. What is WBS’s Buyer Protection?

When a user registers on wbs as a customer he/she is automatically enrolled in wbs’s buyer protection program. Under this programme the customer (user) is eligible for WBS’s Buyer Protection i.e. he/she can do the following:

  1. The user can file a dispute against the seller if the seller didn’t provide the mentioned item or various other reasons as mentioned below.
  2. Get an instant refund if the seller is unable to fulfill the order request in the given time (24 hours or if stated otherwise)
  3. Get replacements from the seller (if stated in the item description) instantly.

2. Matters for which a customer can file a dispute against the seller(s):

The customer can file a dispute against the seller by going to contact us page, if:

  1. If the seller doesn’t deliver the right product as mentioned in ‘product description’ on WBS .
  2. If the seller is refusing replacement of the product in case of a defective item when replacement warranty has been clearly mentioned in the ‘product description’ on the product page. NOTE: IT DOES NOT APPLY IF THE PRODUCT DOES NOT HAVE A WARRANTY OR IS OUT OF WARRANTY PERIOD.

Disclaimer: If we found out that you filed a fake dispute against a seller then it could have serious consequences.

3. Matters for which buyer will get a refund for the transaction(s):

  1. If the product wasn’t delivered within the given time period (24 hours generally).
  2. If the customer wins a dispute against the seller.
  3. If the transaction was done by mistake and is cancelled before the product is delivered. NOTE: ONCE THE PRODUCT IS DELIVERED THERE CAN BE NO REFUND, ONLY IF THE SELLER IS UNABLE TO PROVIDE REPLACEMENT THEN HE CAN REFUND THE PAYMENT.

4. Situations for which the customer will not get a refund of the transaction(s):

  1. If  Product / Service is fully delivered and is working.
  2. If Vendor wins the Dispute.
  3. We have full Right to Suspend your Account if we found, you were trying to Trick us.

5. Conditions for raising a Dispute:

  1. You must wait for Response of Seller at-least 18 Hours before claiming in dispute that Seller is not responding.
  2. You must have sufficient Proofs against Seller.
  3. You must note that the thing you are raising dispute for was mentioned to provide in Product Description or not.
  4. You should raise a Dispute within 2 Days of Order for 100% safety of money. If you raise after this time period, we cannot assure you recovery of your Money. Still, you can raise a Dispute with 95% hope.

6. How we Decide who will win the Dispute?

  1. First we use is our Understanding in the matter raised. Team decides who should win the dispute with his/her own sense.
  2. If matter is complicated or our team is not able to make a final Decision, we will check the sales of that particular product & Reputation of both Seller & Buyer through their past Orders & Sales. And decision is taken most likely in the favor of Side with more Reputation.
  3. In Case, Case is very Complicated, and both Sides have good reputation. Partial Refund will be Provided to Customer. This Amount can be anything according to Understanding of our Team.

To file a Dispute against Vendor, please raise a ticket here.

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