Points explained:

  • Do we always provide a refund,
  • How is it different from that of the seller’s respective refunding policy,
  • How do we issue a refund,
  • Reasons for which no refund can be initiated

1. When is a refund available

Your money is safe with us for only 5 days (after that it is transferred to the seller’s account). There is no guarantee that you will always get a refund, but you can be relieved to know that you can dispute your money within the first 5 days. If we receive a dispute for a particular order, the money is frozen and not transferred to the seller’s account until it is resolved.

Though, you can also complain to us if you’re a victim of a digital scam through our platform even after 5 days. We do not guarantee money back after that, but we will definitely take strict action against the seller if proven guilty.

2. How is it different from the one mentioned in the product OR that given by seller?

WBS’s official R.P is entirely different from that offered by respective sellers. We only offer a refund period of a maximum of 5 days for filing a dispute against the seller, whereas the seller’s refund policy can vary from product to product. The main difference between both is that if the seller rejects your request for a refund or replacement or if a conflict arises between both the parties, that is when you can file a dispute for a refund with WBS.

Our policy is global i.e each product is covered. But, sellers’ policies can vary from products to products and seller to seller. It is entirely up to them to give the duration of the refund /replacement policy. Some sellers may not even offer a refund policy at all, so it’s better that you read the product description carefully and if you have any doubt contact the seller by “Ask a question?” on the product page.

3. How do we issue a refund?

In both cases, i.e. refund from seller or WhyBuySell, the refunded amount will be deposited in your WBS E-wallet, irrespective of the mode of payment. Whatever amount is refunded can be used again (only in WBS) to purchase new product(s).

Note: There will be no refund to any other wallet ( i.e. Paytm, PayPal. UPI, etc.) except WBS’s wallet whatsoever the case might be.

4. Cases for which no refund will be issued:

  • If the seller wins the dispute for a transaction.
  • If you change your mind after payment or you want to buy another product.
  • In case you misuse our services, by the fake claim (can also lead to account closure), etc.
  • You disrespect the seller or any other WBS’s work staff.
  • You broke our Terms of Service
  • In case it hasn’t been 24 hours yet, and you request a refund. In this case, there is no need to raise a refund request, because our team automatically checks all the orders and issue the respective refunds.

5. Exceptions:

  • If you have paid via PayPal, WBS Team will not enter the dispute. You must raise a dispute on PayPal itself.
  • For deciding who wins the case, our team will need a conversation between the Seller and Buyer. And the conversation must be made through WBS Ticket System / Live Chat System or Inquiry Chat System. Chats made on any other platforms are not acceptable.



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