Bypass location-based IP blocking with a VPN.

Private and Unrestricted Internet Access From India

Using an IP address from India limits access to
popular websites. VyprVPN lets you use global VPN server locations to
generate a different IP address. Gain access to your favorite websites,
encrypt the data you send and receive online and protect your personal
information from third parties with VyprVPN.

Restore your online freedom. Choose a server location in a different country and browse the internet safely and securely.

Bypass Government Internet Censorship

The Indian Government has the power to block websites
and many ISPs use deep packet inspection to monitor their users’ online
activity. VyprVPN allows you to bypass local content filtering and
avoid ISP monitoring with 256-bit AES encryption and VPN servers located
around the globe.

Protect your data and secure your Internet connection with VyprVPN.

Defeat Data Retention

VyprVPN encrypts your Internet connection and
prevents your government from viewing your online activity,
communications, location, IP address and traffic. Without a VPN, your
network activities are subject to government surveillance and data
collection performed by your ISP and other service providers.

VyprVPN offers users access to an unrestricted Internet and achieve privacy.

Get Internet Security and Privacy in India

Unsecure wireless hotspots in India are easy targets
for hackers and data thieves. VyprVPN prevents any third party from
viewing or stealing your personal information. Automatically encrypt
your connections, mask your IP address and prevent anyone from seeing
the websites you view or contacts you email.

Worldwide VPN Server Locations