Selling Terms

This topic covers all the required terms and conditions for selling on whybuysell, for unregistered as well as registered sellers. We tend to keep them as confortable as possible.

Terms Used:

WhyBuySell – WBS or wbs

What is mentioned in this article?

You agree to abide by all the things written in this article when you register as a seller on wbs. In this article, we’ll explain terms for:

  • Information provided during registration
  • Use of our services¬†

1. Information you provide during registration process.


Related to Store Name / Store Link

  • Store Name must not Contain Regional Judgement against any other Religion.
  • It must not be Similar Looking to any Other Store Name / Link

Related to Registration

  • Register only Once.
  • Wait at-least 24 Hours for Admin Response regarding your Approval/Disapproval of Staring a Store.
  • You must not Create Arguments on Disapproval of Your Application. Instead, you may Cover Limitations and Apply Again.
  • You must Use Real Name, Phone Number & Address. It will be verified later, and if found fake, your store may get Terminated

Related to Posted Products / Services

  • Product must Contain at-least 1 Photo.
  • Photo of Product must not Contain Adult Content.
  • Photo must not Display Regional Fight.
  • Product must have Description which explains about Product / Service.
  • You must not try to Scam / Trick Buyers via your Product in any Means.

Related to Withdrawal of Earnings

  • You have to wait at-least 2 Days for Withdrawal of Particular Amount after selling a Particular Product.
  • We may Cut Down your Earnings if we get Noticed that you were following inappropriate practices.

Related to Delivery of Product/Service

  • You must Deliver the Product / Service to the Buyer within 24 Hours of his Purchase. And must Change the Status of Order to ‘Completed’
  • You should prefer to Deliver via ‘Order Notes’ as it ensures secure Delivery to Inbox & Professional Look for better Customer Experience.

We will keep Changing the Terms & Conditions according to the Requirements.

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