Seller Verification

A Guide to Brewing the Perfect Store

An Introduction

In this guide you’ll learn on how to verify your store. Our verification processes is divided into 3 different layers i.e. you’ll have to verify each layer after one another.

What you’ll Need

Your ID Proof – Aadhaar, Passport or Driving License (Preferably Aadhaar)

 Your photo holding the submitted id proof in your hand

Verification Time

1st Layer: 6-12 hours

2nd Layer: 6-12 hours

3rd Layer: Around 1 Week (depends on your location)

Step 1

Upload your ID Proof (Aadhaar, Passport or Driving License) by clicking on the start verification button under “ID Verification” tab on the “Verification” page in your ‘Seller Dashboard’. The image should be fully visible and clear. Digital copy is recommended, instead of real picture. After that click on submit to send your request.

Step 2

Verify your phone number next by filling your phone number with the country code (Eg: +91125xxxxx9). By clicking on submit you’ll receive a 4 digit one time password on your number. Fill in the otp to verify your phone number. This phone number should match the number given on your Aadhaar (if used). This number will be required and is non-changeable so you won’t be able to change it later on.

Step 3

Fill in your residential address which is mentioned on your ID Proof. The address should be exactly same as it will be verified later on layer 3. After filling it click on submit to send it to us. 

Step 4 (Optional)

This step is totally optional and is only required if you wish to improve your authenticity to the incoming customers. You can connect your social profiles (currently only Google) with your store to improve your store impression.

Success! You’ve successfully completed the process for 1st Layer verification.

Now our team will review it and get back to you within 6-12 hours.

l2: Step 1

After our team has reviewed your application, you will receive an email with a payment link. There you’ll have to pay the specified amount (calculated based on your location) for the 3rd layer & last step i.e. address verification.

l2: Step 2

You’ll also be requested to provide your photo (selfie or back camera) holding your identity proof (which you have submitted in layer 1) in your hand. The identity proof and your face needs to be clearly visible. Also, original identity proof is required, not photo copied or home printed. You can submit it by replying the email and attaching the photo there.

Success! You’ve successfully completed the process for 2nd Layer verification.

Now our team will review it and get back to you within 6-12 hours.

l3: Step 1

After receiving your payment and verifying your photo, we will send an address verification password (AVP) to your given residential address. You’ll have to reply the following email with the password, once you receive it, to verify your store. Your phone number which you verified on 1st Layer will be used for the postal communication.

You’re now verified!