Order Problem

Table of Contents

Order Status

If you paid, but your order status is still showing “Cancelled” or “Pending Payment”, then before your contact us be sure of some things:

  • If you have paid via Bitcoin, you must wait for the bitcoin transaction to get fully confirmed (till 3 confirmations)
  • If you have waited or paid via any other Payment Mode and status is still Cancelled, you can contact us by creating a support ticket.

Order not Delivered

If you have placed an order and it hasn’t been delivered by the seller yet, then read.To be noted:

  • You can find your Order Delivery at My Account > Orders Log > View. Open WBS Website and click on Order Logs in My Account tab in Menu. Now click on the ‘View’ button to see details added by Seller (if any)/
  • Your order will be completed by Seller within 24 Hours. If the seller fails to deliver within 24 hours, we will refund your money within the next 18 hours (You will receive the refund in your WBS Wallet, read more in our refund policy)
  • You will receive an email when your money is refunded.

If it has been 24 + 18 hours since you ordered, then you can create a ticket. (If it hasn’t been 42(24+18) hours since you placed the order, then your ticket will be closed, without any response)

Other problem order

In case you have some problem with your order other than written above then you can directly contact the seller to resolve the issue.

Contact the seller

  • To create a Ticket with Seller, go to Your Orders and click on the support button with the corresponding order you want to resolve.
  • The seller will reply to you within 24 hours. In case, he/she fails to do so, you can create a support ticket with us.

General Guidelines

Below are some general guidelines before creating a support ticket.

  1. Our support agent will always ask you to contact the seller before we take any action (In case you haven’t done it already)
  2. We are not in charge of any order that is placed on our website, we just keep your money safe in case of any disputes.
  3. Do not create multiple tickets regarding one issue, it becomes very hard for us to reply to with a satisfactory response.